YouTube will start audio ads!

The idea of the audio ad is to help brands have a better narrative and more…
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The idea of the audio ad is to help brands have a better and more relevant narrative for users, even if they are using it in the background.

The intention is also that the brands are heard along with the music content, because more than 50% of users who are logged in to the platform consume music.

Ads in this new format are characterized by creatives, where the soundtrack is responsible for conveying the message. When the platform was performing alpha testing, it was diagnosed that more than 75% of campaigns had a much better increase in brand awareness.

For the audio ad to work, the platform recommends that it be specific and the voice pleasant to convey the desired message. The free trial is now available, being in beta version on Google Ads and Display & Video 360 in CPM.

What did you think of the news? Do you think YouTube ads will now be well viewed and better accepted by users? 🙂

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