WhatsApp will get reactions to messages like Facebook and Instagram

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If you ever wished the Whatsapp to allow reactions to messages — similarly to reactions in Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct, for example — know that this feature should become a reality soon: there are hints that such a function is being developed for the messenger.

Not that sketching out reactions is an impossible or complicated task these days. You can do this simply by sending emojis, stickers or even expressions like “kkkkk” and “haha”.

The problem is that any of these actions correspond to a new message. Perhaps it's more comfortable or even more engaging to express reactions directly to specific interactions — it's no accident that many messaging services work that way (Twitter, Instagram, and so on).

Reactions on WhatsApp: how and when?

That's what everyone would like to know. For now, there is no official announcement on the matter. Signs that WhatsApp is working on reactions were discovered by WABetainfo, which points out that the feature should be released in some beta version of the application, although it is not known when.

The vehicle also points out that the reactions are at an early stage of development, which explains the lack of screenshots showing the reactions being applied.

On the other hand, the WABetainfo got a screenshot that displays a warning that the user has received a reaction, but needs to update their WhatsApp app to view it on their device.

This is not an essential or life-changing feature, but for the convenience it will be welcome.

As already said, there is no information about when this will happen, but, as the feature is in the initial stage of development, we should not wait for news about it in the near future.

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