What should I post on Instagram?

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And to start with a golden key to our series 1TP3InstagramForAll, we'll help you with perfect content to leverage on social media and have a much better interaction with your followers. So, prepared?!

You and many other people have already had this question: “What should I post on Instagram?“. This is more common than you think, but we are here to help you. Initially, we have to think that social media is the main marketing vehicle for companies of all sizes. And Instagram is the biggest of them, being the fastest growing network in Brazil! Otherwise, all over the world!
I believe you've heard in several places that it is necessary to frequently post original content and, above all, relevant to the audience that follows you. But it's much easier said than done, isn't it? It's often difficult to get inspiration to post every day. Is it a big challenge, after all, creativity for every day?! Wow.

But, let's give you a hand on this. But, first of all, keep this in mind: It's normal to have difficulties. Remember, even the most creative people in the world go through blockages from time to time.
Everyone says that it is essential to post EVERY DAY to make your profile grow and always have content for those who follow you. And, of course, they are right! But the purpose of all this is to set you apart from the rest, isn't it? A golden tip: Build a calendar of posts, with at least one a day. And, try harder, dare: Make reels, IGTV, story and something in the feed daily. Keep your profile moving and, remember, Instagram is giving a lot of engagement for video content. So, put your shyness aside and unleash your creativity, appear in the “darlings #foryou”!

The secret is not to leave everything to produce at the time of posting. In addition to being overwhelmed, for the growth of your profile you need daily care. Always nurturing, caring and creating a connection with your audience. After all, people connect people.
An important thing in creating content for your profile is to know and understand your audience, what they are looking for, how they communicate. Knowing exactly how the niche you want to "browse" is mega important, it's no use having mega interesting posts if your audience is not interested in the subject. :/

Quiet, editorial lines are basically your profile post types. Taking a careful look at the feed, you can see a pattern in the themes and post types.
Defining your “editorial lines” is good to make it easier for you to post on your Instagram. It's even better to distribute all content on that future publication calendar, as I said earlier.

It's the best way to know if editorial lines are pleasing your audience! Another golden tip: Take time to review the interactions on your profile, such as: likes, comments, shares and reach, that's for starters.
After a while, it will become clearer which themes and post types work best! 🧑🏻‍

As I said, there is nothing wrong with seeking inspiration from other profiles, social networks or media formats. But, as it is in the title, it is not copying! This even creates a bad reputation for your profile and your numbers, so nope.
But it's great that you consume legal content from the sector you want to cover, as Lavoisier said: “In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”.
The only way to be on top of everything that is on social networks is to be a regular user of them, to follow and always stay updated on everything.
There are cases that use social networks "only" to promote the brand, then traps can occur such as:
Post outdated trends;
Not understanding how a format or feature is used;
Don't create a relationship with other people and brands in your industry.
And these mistakes only make your audience alienated and saturated, after all, there is a plastered image of your company trying to look cool on social media. Kind of forced, don't you think?! So be very careful about it!

Well, now that you understand some important points. Let's separate the tips into: stories, reels, feed and interesting things to add! Are ready?! So let's go!


This is a more informal format, giving you a faster and more dynamic relationship with your audience. After all, they are only available for 24 hours on the profile. But what to post?

1. Phrases and Quotes:
In the feed is something not nice, after all, it is much more visual and needs to have a flashy page for your company. But in stories, phrases and quotes sound good!
Of course, always something related to your brand's theme. Do not mention Machado de Assis, since you work with IT. He understood?! Everything has its right place!

2. Polls:
This is an AMAZING story thing! Through them, you can encourage engagement and even discover important things about your audience.
Bet on questions about what you want to see on your profile, what your favorite products, music… There are a multitude of opportunities within this resource!

3. Swipe Up and Links:
For this feature you need to have more than 10,000 followers or a verified account, but don't be discouraged!
You can include in your feed some CTA's and direct your audience wherever you want, but if you have this option, a chain icon will appear in the upper corner of the screen. Then the magic happens!
Just drag it up and your follower is already sent to the page you want.

4. Discount Codes and Lightning Promotions:
There is an advantage that stories last only 24 hours, do you know why?! It's a great opportunity to activate mental triggers of urgency and scarcity for those who follow you.
That's it, create unusual promotions and codes that ONLY last while the story is on air. A great proposal!
So you are achieving two goals at once:
Makes sales conversions because your followers don't want to miss the opportunity;
Encourage your followers to keep an eye on company stories so they won't be left out of the next promotion.

5. Daily life at the Company:
This is the coolest form of humanization for the public. Giving that personal and more intimate touch to your followers, after all, people connect people.
This can be done by sharing your day with followers. Some examples of interaction:
– Show the processes in the company;
– Make jokes with daily problems like: “I'm at work and sex”;
– Introduce your team, show who participates in everything;
– Unbox new products in stock;
– Share the company's achievements;
– Show celebrations such as a team employee's birthday!
In short, share your routine at the company with your followers. That is, after all, the initial purpose of social media.


Feed is a more comprehensive place, and can be composed of videos and photos displayed on the profile. Remembering that IGTV and Reels can also contribute to building your feed.
But, let's get down to the essentials, the real goal: Captivating your followers through the eyes. But how so?! Exactly, one of the reasons Instagram is one of the biggest social networks is because of how visual it is.
Your feed must have a personality of the company, being organized, beautiful and with its own visual identity. After all, it is your company's “showcase” on Instagram. It's worth working out a lot!

1. Tips on the industry:
You know that content that instructs you in something you didn't even know right?! This is the importance of tips and tutorials, after all, they are content that has an incredible performance, and it is not new.
Teaching and helping your followers is essential and very relevant, regardless of what industry you are in, tips can be part of your content. Want to see how?
Clothing stores can teach you how to combine pieces;
Electronics stores can give tips on the best technologies;
Those who provide gardening services can give tips for growing or selecting the best plants for the environment;
Artisans can show the process or give tips on how to use their products;
Doctors can provide health and care tips in their specialties.
And so on, just share some of your knowledge in the area with your audience in a dynamic and humanized way, there is certainly something you can teach!

2. Demonstrations:
Do you know those videos in which the client himself demonstrates how good the use of such a product from your company is?! This is the best way to get around the comments and still generate a connection between the followers.
You can use Instagram to post demos of your products, got it?!
And, even if you work with services, don't dismiss this tip. Innovate, show your customers the process, before and after to create more expectations!

3. Your company's processes:
Quite frankly, you would be amazed at how many people LOVE to see certain processes on the internet. From decorating cakes and sweets to cleaning sidewalks with a water jet.
So, chances are, there's something interesting in your company's routine that deserves a video.
Many companies post the order picking, preparation, and packaging process with messages for each. It is an opportunity to show affection and attention in each delivery. <3

4. MEMES! (Of course, within your brand's theme.)
Companies posting memes? Yes it can, and it should! As long as you can adapt this format to your company's theme and communication.
As with trends, you must decide if this type of communication is linked to the strategy made for your audience.
And please always stay up to date and use it the right way! The meme, when misused, is a shot in the foot of the brand.

5. Milestones, achievements and congratulations:
Reached X number of followers? Did sales have a nice increase? So, this is the time to share and thank your audience for all the achievements. After all, it's thanks to them that you'll be able to get where you want to go.
Also, focus on commemorative dates! Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter… This should be part of your schedule, especially with dates with emotional or social appeal.


This is a newer feature, but it is still as beneficial as the others. In fact, it's been growing and getting a lot of attention on Instagram. With engagement for videos, competing only with Tik Tok.
So this is an amazing opportunity to reach potential new followers! For that, take advantage of the algorithm: from songs to hashtags, it all helps to leverage your reels and find users who will be interested in it.

1. Trends:
Almost a “sister” of memes, trends follow specific formats and are always linked to audios, filters or aesthetics.
So you can follow the same advice we give for memes, but the format should still:
Be really current;
Make sense of your company's communication strategy;
Can be applied to the theme of your sector;
Be used correctly, without breaking the format standards.
It is a very common thing to see on social networks that companies use trends incorrectly to try to “fit” their industry in the format. But, here's the catch: The format that should fit your industry. Bye!

2. Narrated videos:
Reels narrated with tips and trivia unite the best of both worlds: ease and success! It can be a photo sequence, an accelerated video or even a stock video for users.

3. Guides and Tips:
Just to make it clear: Reels are short videos, they last approximately 30 seconds, that's how long you have to captivate your audience.
So, tutorials and tips need to be exactly the way users love: straightforward, simple and visually beautiful.
Using features like transition and speed up videos to show you step-by-step cohesive and fast is also very effective!

4. TBT (Throwback Thursday):
The famous #TBT is very popular on reels. But for that, you need to understand a few things first: These are old videos or photos that are posted exactly on Thursdays!
It's like a day that the entire Instagram took to remember in the past, not bad! 🙂

5. News and current topics:
This is certainly something you should have guessed would be here. After all, his followers are interested in current industry issues. So if there's something interesting going on, be sure to share it with them!

Instagram is constantly changing, having a wide variety of formats. And countless ways to share content every day!
It is always important for your company to follow the development and trends of these tools. After all, to get the most out of them, you have to stick with it from the start.

Without further ado, the next tips are intended for other Instagram features, however, they can be applied to feed, stories and reels. Just unleash creativity.

1. Lives:
The famous “lives” or live broadcasts are more and more popular among users! A way to interact in an authentic way, whether it's speaking, chatting with followers or hosting events online.
It's a GREAT tool for engagement and, on top of that, it offers the opportunity to get to know your audience more closely.

2. Collaborations with other Profiles:
Engaging with other profiles in the same industry as yours is a very good dynamic, increasing the company's reach and creating ties between profiles.
But, for those who prefer other options: There are also the so-called “influencers”, choosing the niche of your audience and creating a good engagement for your company.

3. Collaborations with your followers:
One of the biggest advantages that social media brings to your company is the interaction with the public, so enjoy it as much as you can!
I'll give you some golden tips now:
Launch challenges and ask users to tag their profile;
Ask them to share photos with their products and include a special company hashtag;
Create a hashtag for brand fans;
Encourage questions and make lives by answering them live;
Comment on posts where you've been tagged, even if it's just an emoji, it's essential!

4. Tell stories:
Do your followers know how the company was born? Your ideals? What is the inspiration behind your “success”?
Sharing your brand's history and your path as a professional helps people to feel closer to the company, creates that famous “top mind” in their followers and becomes more humanized for everyone.
After all, they can identify with the challenges you faced or be inspired by your overcoming!

And it doesn't need to be limited to you, you can share stories of advances and achievements in sectors, the biggest names in your area or the history of employees in your company. Stories mark the audience's mind and create a special connection.

Knowing what to post on Instagram isn't the easiest task as it sounds, but you don't need to treat it like a “pumpkin”!
With: organization, creativity and persistence, you get everything! Serious! 🤩
And, if you still hit that measure to create your content or how to engage your company on social media. Know that Digicreativa will always be with open arms to help you.

you already know the diirocket? Our course for social media. Go and learn how to get your company off the ground or work as social media.

That's it for today, folks!
Next week we will have more content to help you on social media. 😉

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