Meta adds new parental control tools on Instagram

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Meta announces tools for parental supervision and control, which constantly address points of concern with their children's use and exposure on the networks. The Family Center aims to centralize all existing tools and are responsible for managing and monitoring what your children do in the application.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, explains, “Parents and guardians know what's best for their teens, and in December, I committed to developing new supervision tools that allow them to be more involved in their children's experiences. Today, we are making these supervision tools available in our new Family Center. We worked closely with experts, parents, guardians and teens to develop the Family Center, a new place for parents to supervise their children's accounts on Meta technologies, set up and use supervision tools, and access resources on how to communicate with their children about the Internet to use”.

Additional features for parents have been added, but the core idea of Family Center is that it becomes a kind of interface where parents can supervise their children's use of Meta platforms. In this space, parents will be able to monitor in real time details about the use of networks by their children, such as the time using the app, set time limits and receive updates on their interactions on the networks.

Instagram still promises updates with more features in the future, such as allowing parents to set the time they can use the app and the ability for more than one parent to supervise a child's account, as well as more control for VR that is one of the focuses. in the development of the metaverse.