Le Poppins

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The project

Le Poppins Popcorn Shop was born from the desire to offer a special experience, whether in the themed environment or in the Delicious Le Poppins that are made all day long.

The taste is irresistible and a new visit is almost inevitable!

All offline and online material in the store was developed by us.

We had the pleasure of creating the website and webshop as well.


Le Poppins




Diego Cupello

art direction / visual communication

Gabriel Chiapetta

creating and molding
a product single

Communicating correctly with the desired audience.

Before we even start the research, we try to talk to the partners and
to instigate them to reflect on several points related to the
purpose of the store.

From long conversations like this, we were able to understand several
points and conduct a productive process of self-discovery, generating,
together, the most important value of any brand: your purpose.

After defining the real purpose and objectives of the company, we left for the study related to the tone of voice, communication and ways to reach the desired audience.

In addition to an institutional website, we created a virtual store with the desire to take Le Poppins everywhere in Brazil. Social media was important at that time.

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