Instagram again allows users to view feed in chronological order

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It was announced on March 23 that Instagram has brought two new features to how your feed works.

One of them had already been mentioned before by Adam Mosseri, – chief executive of Instagram, which is the “following” and “favorites” function where you can change the navigation through the app without having to face the suggested posts based on the ranking algorithm. of the application. So you can choose between the feed options, just click on the Instagram logo at the top of the app's home tab. And another was the return of the much-requested chronological feed, which will be added along with the “following” functionality.

Following: The feed that will only show posts from accounts you follow in the app in chronological order: “See the most recent posts from accounts you follow, in the order they were posted.”

Favorites: Users will be able to make a list of up to 50 favorite profiles, which will be displayed with priority in their main feed. And there will also be a separate feed that will only show posts from that account. Your favorites list is private and will not be visible to anyone else.

Unfortunately, none of these features can be set as default, being necessary to manually change it every time you open the application. According to Adam Mosseri: “Over time, we will add more recommendations to your feed based on your interests.” And in this way, have your recommendations improved to see less and less posts from accounts that you don't follow or have no interest in.