Instagram should allow you to react to Stories with likes

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Instagram Stories set a new paradigm by placing short and ephemeral videos on a platform that was predominantly photos. In recent months, however, even the boss of the network has declared that the social network should increasingly focus on moving images, which is why so many news have videos as a premise.

It is currently possible to respond to a Story with a quick reaction of emojis, which is sent to the creator as DM, or type a direct reply, which is also delivered to the message box. What is being tested now is a specific like button. Check it out below:

If that's true, a new engagement measurement metric could be under review by the platform's developers, which would help reinforce the power of Stories. “Like” is very important to Instagram's algorithm applied to the feed, but it had no impact on temporary videos, which focused on viewing.

Feed, Reels and Explore have their own metrics for delivering relevant content, with different targets. In Stories, the visualization metric is already effective, after all, the complete and recurring audience means identification with the content, so it is difficult to understand what the purpose of Like would be.

The new button should appear next to the message field (if launched as in the experiment), where the story's forwarding icon (the paper plane) is now located. Due to the development stage of the test, it is speculated that the new option should reach users soon, although some doubts about the whole working dynamic still remain.

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