Furquin Dentistry

Branding, Social Media and Print

The project

Juliana came to us with the idea of reformulating her entire brand and concept, she needed to have her entire creation made from scratch – from the choice of a name to the concept and its materials. We chose her surname as the main brand and started our studies.
Meet the furquin and all the details of your project!


Furquin Dentistry



Creation director

Diego Cupello

Materializing conceptions
and studying Marketplace

Creation of branding and brand concept.

From this name and direction, we built the symbol and logo from design proportions that respected and enabled the brand's applications on products in a clear way for the final costumer.

We work with the smile as the main focus of the concept, expressing both the brand's purpose and customer satisfaction. The color palette chosen for the visual identity gives the brand sophistication and seriousness.⠀⁣⠀⁣
A personalized work full of details

Customer Testimonial

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Other projects.

Branding, website and social media


website, social media and print