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Flit App is an online electronic time attendance system solution that allows you to record and manage your employees' working hours through the app for Android, iOS and web interface.

We develop offline and online material and the company's new website.






Diego Cupello

art direction / visual communication

Gabriel Chiapetta

Synchronicity and

empathy for the project

Affinity as
mechanism of


Since the first meeting with the Flit team we have built an excellent relationship, based mainly on the respect we instantly develop for the work done by the project team.

Talking to
o team

A new phase to be

represented by marketing

and new website.

In our research meetings, when interviewing the main stakeholders involved in the project, we were able to identify that the company's main problem was the lack of objective communication and online presence.

It is very interesting to understand the role of design in giving new meaning to what has been built for so long and how it signals changes within a company. No company can survive without innovating and transforming itself into a cyclical and constant process, and nothing more natural than design to represent these constant transformations that shape a company.

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