Facebook launches its first pair of smart glasses, in partnership with Ray-Ban

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O Facebook announced the first generation of its smart glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban.

calls from Ray-Ban Stories — and clearly inspired by Snapchat's Spectacles — the social network defines it as the “new way to capture photos and videos, share your adventures and listen to music or answer calls”.

The newly announced device has two built-in 5MP cameras, and with them you can shoot and record videos of up to 30 seconds using the side capture button or with voice commands — just say: “Hey, Facebook”. The company said that when capturing videos and photos, an LED1 will light up to “warn” people around.

Ray-Ban Stories also features built-in speakers, a three-microphone audio matrix, and a background noise suppression algorithm, which provides an enhanced calling experience.

Glasses must be paired with the app. Facebook View, so you can share Stories and memories with friends and followers on social media. The app also makes it easy to import, edit and share content via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and other platforms.

In a statement, Facebook said the product was made "with privacy in mind, adding several built-in features to provide control and peace of mind for device owners and viewers."

Prices for new smart glasses start from US$300 and they will be available for purchase in 20 combinations at Ray-Ban's online store and some physical retail stores across the U.S, as well as in Australia, at the Canada, at Ireland, at Italy and in the United Kingdom.

For now, there is no prediction of when (or if) the device will arrive in Brazil or Portugal. Did you like the glasses? 🤓

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