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The project

It's been more than 6 years of partnership. We had the pleasure of following the restaurant almost to its foundation. We are working on creating a new brand, a new website and a new digital marketing proposal, on Facebook and Instagram.

We were responsible for the company's internal and external communication.






Diego Cupello

art direction / branding

Diego Cupello

materializing conceptions and

studying the market.

Leaving the default of

local communication.

Don Phillipe's partners arrived at Digi with a very clear business idea and the feeling to be passed on – working with the family as the main pillar. But how to do this in a city that is already used to gourmetizing business in a location traditionally occupied by tourist attractions? Within this challenge, we understand how the local commerce that was frequented by residents operated, studying prices, service and products and from this investigation we were able to generate some important insights for the direction of the restaurant.

Consolidating and

attracting the right audience.


and a lot of study.

In order to achieve our goal, we started with a great process of research and immersion within the project and the products to be developed. We collect information about the public, tracing personality and consumption scenarios.

We also understand the positioning of the competition to highlight the differentiation within the brand we were creating and we seek to absorb qualities from other brands that are familiar to the consumption of the target audience.

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