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Our Branding process goes far beyond a visual creation. We have structured a rich market research and a complex philosophical process of reflection on the company to seek its purpose and differentiate itself based on what makes it unique: its personality.

Concept and Personality

To differentiate yourself in such a competitive market and with so many generic brands, it is extremely important to go through the construction of brand personality, getting closer to your customers.

So it's just the final tip

Our branding/branding process goes far beyond a simple visual execution of a logo. The brand is deep, communicates with personality and enchants, while the logo is just the final tip.

Included Materials

The brand must remain cohesive in its materials and developments, that is why we have already included in the brand creation process all the printed and digital materials that your company may need.

A team committed to the same thinking.

In a fast-changing world, there is nothing more complex than being creative and working with technology. We know that good ideas are simple, but we recognize that all good work involves a lot of complexity and commitment.

That's why we're looking for a rare type of professional: one who likes challenges, who likes to learn from this whole process and who has a great ability to think critically: as a consumer, as a client and as an agency.

We value rhythm, communication skills and disruptive thinking. And smiles on their faces, of course.

Process Steps


The first step in our branding process is a deep immersion to understand all the important points that will form the basis for the project. It is a conversation and brainstorming with the customer to raise ideas and concepts, and connect the company's objective with what will be developed.


After this in-depth Research and Immersion step, we will use all the information and conclusions raised to visually build your brand. Our efforts are directed towards building that is compatible with all the values, purposes and personality we discovered earlier. At this stage, we united the creativity that is based on various information acquired throughout the process, ensuring a much more complete result.


After the approval of the Visual Identity step, we will go to the final step, which includes the export of the logo, graphic materials, Key Visual and also the BrandBook, also known as the Brand Manual.

Recent Brands.

Dog Bay
dog bay
Wonderful team! I was delighted with all the development, both of our brand and our website. Super indicate!
Daniel Nascimento
Daniel Nascimento
Digi people are amazing! They help me a lot in the development of my company, not only in the arts, but also in the marketing and dissemination of our services.
Thainá Justino da Silva
Thainá Justino da Silva
Best agency in Teresópolis! Proud to be part of this wonderful team! 💛
edipo gomes88
oedipus gomes 88
A company of great professional quality, I'm not saying that it exceeded my expectations because I already expected that my logo would be created to a standard above what I could imagine, so expectations were well represented in the final work of creating the brand. Thank you so much for adding to my dream!
Bruna Felcman
Bruna Felcman
Inexplicable experience I'm living. The organization, the delivery of results, the care and affection for the entrepreneurs' ideas, everything incredible. Creativity and consistency are two words that sum up your work! Digicreativa, for me, makes dreams come true!
Karolinne Souza Maia
Karolinne Souza Maia
In addition to a pleasant environment and an incredible team, the professionalism and commitment to customers and their employees, makes this company one of the best to work for!
Florália Orchids Brasil
Florália Orchids Brazil
I'm having a great experience with them, super professionals!
Juliana Furquim
Juliana Furquim
Digi is my agency of the heart! Who takes care of the media in my office so well! I couldn't be more pleased to have chosen you to grow with me and boost me in the digital environment in such a beautiful and CREATIVE way! I only have compliments and gratitude to the entire team that treats me so well and dreams my dream with me! You are amazing! 💛💡
Mariana Pereira
Mariana Pereira
The good thing about hiring Digi's services is to be sure of a high-quality result. I hired them to do a job initially, and I already feel confident in hiring them for other jobs given the good experience I had. Thanks to the whole team.

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