4 Tips to increase organic followers on Instagram

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One of the main doubts that most people have is related to how to gain followers on instagram.

Today, you will learn in 5 important steps how to gain organic followers:

If this is a question you also ask, then know that here in this article we will show some tips that will help you a lot in this process.

Making a posting schedule and creating varied content are just some of the ways to organically increase your followers on Instagram.

Follow this text to the end to learn more about how to grow your Insta audience organically. Good reading!

1. Set up a posting schedule

the first tip of how to gain followers on instagram organically it is through a posting schedule.

There is no doubt that the organization is essential for it to be successful within a marketing strategy, and that is where the importance of having an editorial calendar comes into play.

Knowing what to post, you will then already have knowledge in advance of the type of content you need to produce, which will give you more time to create it more calmly and obtain a higher quality result.

logically there will be times when you may need to modify the adopted calendar a little, after all, setbacks happen.

However, having this planning Previous will help a lot to prevent you from creating content that is not relevant to your audience or forgetting to post on the right days.

There are many advantages to creating your editorial calendar of posts, which can be weekly, monthly or even yearly, focusing on special dates, such as Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day, for example.

Some of these main advantages are:
  • You'll have more time to plan your content, which will generate higher quality posts
  • You'll be able to make your feed more organized
  • You'll be able to maintain a visual identity for your posts
  • You will be able to plan seasonal campaigns in advance to get better results
  • You'll avoid forgetting to post, which will help keep your followers positive about your commitment.
  • You will make the processes more optimized

In order to create a good posting calendar, however, you need to know how to do it right.

Which means you'll need to define how often your account will post, create an idea bank to make sure you always have content for new posts, among other things.

2. Create a strategic and attractive profile

Another tip that makes all the difference about how to gain followers on instagram organically is to create a profile that is strategic and attractive.

But what does it mean?

This means that you should always look to post photos and designs that are interesting to your target audience.

That way, you'll be able to create content that has quality and that attracts the interest of your audience, to ensure that more people will not only follow, but also interact with your profile.

One way to make your profile more attractive is to even create a organized and harmonious feed, which really has a differential in the eyes of its audience, always maintaining the standard.

For you to be able to do this, Canva is a great tool choice for creating interesting and personalized content.

3. Produce varied content like Reels

There are still a lot of people who only focus on a single type of content, usually images, within Instagram, which is a mistake.

When you vary the content formats of publications, then chances are you will attract people from your target audience who have different preferences.

There are those who like content in images, while there are others who prefer videos on Stories for interaction, and those who really like videos on Reels, an increasingly popular content option.

Videos, by the way, when they are well planned and interesting can generate an engagement rate with triple the number of interactions than images.

Thus, today it is worth betting a lot on video content for Reels, thus obtaining results with higher quality.

4. Make use of hashtags the right way

A very important tip for you who want to learn how to how to gain followers on instagram is to use hashtags in the right way.

But what is a hashtag?

I believe you've used them or have some notion of what they are, but if you haven't, it's time to learn.

A hashtag is a very important feature within Instagram that serves to target the posts you've created to the right audience.

It is characterized by the use of the hash or tic-tac-toe, the symbol #, together with a word, which is related to the content of your publication.

Almost any word can be used as a hashtag, but there are those that are more popular and therefore have a wider reach, while others are rarely seen or sought after.

Some common ones are those like #instaday, #instafood, #tbt, #travel or #lookdodia, for example, just to name the ones that have a high popularity.

These elements are used for posts on many different social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, but it was on Instagram that they really became so popular.

When you put hashtags that have to do with your business and the publication created, then your profile can be found much more easily by users of the social network.

In addition, there is still the issue of organization, as this allows your content to be categorized on Instagram, being shown to people who are interested in that particular subject.

A mistake that many people still make is trying to use hashtags without any relation to what they are posting, just because they are popular, believing that they will get more likes and engagement.


As you can see, it is possible to get more followers on Instagram organically, without the need to use specific apps for this or to invest in paid ads to attract more people to your profile.

Here are some amazing tips on how to gain more followers in a way quick and simple, just through some practices that you can easily perform.

Start putting everything you learned here in this text into practice today to start raising your audience within Instagram as quickly as possible.

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